Mamarapha College
Mamarapha College
for Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders
for Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders

Entry Requirements

Mamarapha College welcomes applications from individuals regardless of gender, status or religious affiliation. Admission to the College and continuing at the College is dependent on evidence of good character, intellectual competence, support of the philosophy and mission of the College and a willingness to live in harmony with the standards of the Word of God and the College. Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people who meet the following requirements may apply; those who...

  • are identified as an indigenous person by their community
  • have the endorsement of a local church and/or conference
  • are at least 18 years old at enrolment, and
  • who have shown an attitude favourable to personal growth and harmony with others.
  • who have completed the second year of high school (special consideration may be given to mature age students at the discretion of the college).

 If you wish to apply to study at the college, click on the link to download an Application Form which you can then print, fill in and either post to:-

    • Mamarapha College
    • 23 School Rd
    • KARRAGULLEN, WA 6111
  • fax (08) 9397 7244
  • or email


Note: the form must be filled in by the person applying to the college, in their own handwriting.

The following is a link if you require more information about the application process.


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