Mamarapha College
Mamarapha College
for Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders
for Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders

FEE Schedule for 2019:

A College costs money to operate - to pay teacher's wages, textbooks, workbooks, electricity, heating, library books, computers, office expenses and much more. 

Total annual tuition fees for 2017 come to $1910 for block studies (about $73.50 per fortnight), 
and for student living locally and accessing additional training and assessment the total fees annually are $2,220.

Please note: Fees generally increase each year based on the consumer price index or wage price index, whichever is higher.

Fee Schedule

Block study only - full-time

Local student - full-time

Total per year



Approx cost/fortnight



Fees are normally paid on a fortnightly basis with 'centrepay' or a 'Direct Debit' arrangment set up at registration. 
Mamarapha College will not accept payment advanced fee payment greater than $1500, nor will it owe training and assessment services worth more than $1500 at any time.

Where there are unpaid fees, a student will not be able to graduate as the College will not be able to assess the student's work until all fees are paid.

Whenever problems arise with fee payments, students should talk to the Accounts Clerk as soon as possible, to work out suitable arrangements.

A refunds will apply when a student withdraws from study, has not received agreed services or have a credit balance in their fee account at the end of their time of study. For statement on fees, please follow this link: Fee and Refund Information.

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