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Mamarapha Health Course

Posted on May 22 2008

The new health course at Mamarapha is running, and students are enjoying learning how the body works, and how they can improve their health and wellbeing.

The course focuses on health promotion, aiming to

  • Help students to adopt a healthy lifestyle themselves.
  • Give each person an understanding of how we can live healthy, happy lives.
  • Develop a relationship with God that will bring power to make needed life changes.
  • Develop skills and motivation to share the principles of better living with others.

The course endeavours to empower individuals to address and prevent the lifestyle health problems that are faced by so many of today's Australian indigenous people.

Year 1 has units in spirituality and the Bible, Christian living, First aid, anatomy, relationships, life skills, culture, literacy, reading/writing, computers, and voice development.

Year 2 has units in cooking, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, giving health talks, cooking demonstrations, healing ministry, hygiene, cultural life skills, home and families, and writing on computer. Year 2 incorporates a Certificate IV in Presenting Community Health Education

The 3rd year is a Diploma year, and has units in lifestyle diseases, substance abuse, infectious diseases, Biblical spirituality, stress management, public speaking, parenting and child ministry, conflict management and computer skills.  


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